Physics Tutorials Section 19. Modern Physics

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In the Modern Physics section of Physics we explore Physics Tutorials which guide your through the various skills and learning material within this section. We also provide online Modern Physics Calculators which allow you to calculate specific Modern Physics formula in support of the tutorials or to check and verify your own calculations in support of your homework, coursework or thesis.

Modern Physics in Physics - Table of Contents

This section cover the basic knowledge required for comprehension of quantum physics - a relatively modern branch of physics, in which the classical laws and relations are revised. Concepts such as light particles (photons), the wave - particle duality, the photoelectric effect produced in metals, the Compton effect caused by light scattering, pressure of light, De Broglie wave, electromagnetic wave packet and uncertainty principle and the corresponding laws governing them, are among the concepts discussed in this important section.

In this Modern Physics section of Physics we cover the following topics:

Modern Physics Learning Material and Modern Physics Study Aide
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19.1Thermal Radiation. Photon as the Quantum of Light
19.2The Photoelectric Effect
19.3The Compton Effect and Pressure of Light
19.4De Broglie Wave
19.5Electromagnetic Wave Packet. The Uncertainty Principle
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