Length, Mass and Time Revision Questions

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The following physics revision questions are provided in support of the physics tutorial on Length, Mass and Time. In addition to this tutorial, we also provide revision notes, a video tutorial, revision questions on this page (which allow you to check your understanding of the topic) and calculators which provide full, step by step calculations for each of the formula in the Length, Mass and Time tutorials. The Length, Mass and Time calculators are particularly useful for ensuring your step-by-step calculations are correct as well as ensuring your final result is accurate.

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Units and Measurements Learning Material
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1.2Length, Mass and Time

1. The unit of pressure (p) is [N/m2]. Which of the following equations could be another equation for the pressure?

  1. p = ρ × g/h
  2. p = ρ/g × h
  3. p = ρ × g × h
  4. p = ρ × g + h

Additional info: h is the depth (unit: m), g is gravitational field strength (unit: m/s2), ρ is the density (unit: kg/m3).

Correct Answer: C

2. A car driver notices a road sign, which indicates, "not faster than 30 m/s". What is the maximum allowed speed (in km/hr) to avoid fines from police officers?

  1. 100 km / hr
  2. 108 km / hr
  3. 110 km / hr
  4. 112 km / hr

Correct Answer: B

3. A student reads in an old book that the equation of period T in a simple pendulum is

T = 2π × √l/

where the quantity ⊡ cannot be read due to the book's amortization. Which quantity does the quantity ⊡ represent?

  1. Gravitational acceleration
  2. Gravitational force
  3. Velocity of pendulum
  4. Total time of pendulum's motion

Correct Answer: A

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