Significant Figures and their Importance Revision Questions

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1.3Significant Figures and their Importance

1. Three workers measure three consecutive segments and then they then provide their results in a written form to the supervisor. The results are shown below.

  • Segment 1 (measured by worker 1) = 12.24 m
  • Segment 2 (measured by worker 2) = 8.4 m
  • Segment 3 (measured by worker 3) = 11.187 m

What is the correct value of the sum the supervisor must record?

  1. 31.827 m
  2. 31.83 m
  3. 31.8 m
  4. 31.80 m

Correct Answer: B

2. Which of the following numbers has more significant figures?

  1. 0.0037400 m
  2. 3.000003 kg
  3. 745 000 000 000 Hz
  4. 74.000000000 electrons

Correct Answer: D

2. Which number is different from the other from the physics viewpoint?

  1. 103.00 × 10-4km
  2. 0.010300 km
  3. 10.300 m
  4. 103 × 10-4km

Correct Answer: D

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